Real Estate Financing Tips for Home Buyers

The number of multi-unit dwellings built has been on the rise over recent years and home buyers have responded by buying more multi-unit dwellings. Buyers have also become price sensitive to market fluctuations and a good portion of this buying activity is driven by reduced vacancies. Vacancy rates have remained very low for a while, but they have now begun to climb back. Many of these units have been recently completed or are in the process of being completed, so that they will be priced according to new market conditions. One of the largest trends in recent sales has been a preference for larger multi-unit dwellings as opposed to single-family residences. Of the multi-unit dwellings sold during the last year, almost three-quarters were sold to full-time buyers. Only eighteen percent of recent home buyers bought a multi-unit residence, mainly to care for aging parents, since many of these buyers are back on their own due to young children returning home from college and having to adjust to a more limited lifestyle. Get more info on the fastest way to sell my house. Just eighteen percent of the multi-unit homes sold over the last year were to first time home buyers looking for a residence to purchase as an investment property. Many national association reports and research studies show that multi-unit dwellings are ideal for retirement. This is because they provide ample living space and security, but they also offer access to recreational facilities such as pools, spas, and tennis courts. According to national association reports, the cost of buying a home is much more expensive than purchasing a home in an area where there are several comparable properties. However, real estate costs have increased significantly in the past few years and multi-unit dwellings represent an excellent opportunity to obtain a home at a substantial savings over buying a single-family dwelling. Recent home buyers are focusing on buying multi-unit dwellings, but some individuals are reluctant to buy in this way due to safety concerns. One of the main concerns of many prospective home buyers is safety. It's a fact that there is a greater chance of robbery and home invasion when living in a high-crime neighborhood. In order to prevent crime from invading your property, make sure you secure your property and protect yourself with a strong home security system and/or alarm. If you live on a college campus, students are more likely to live on their own and there are steps you can take to help lower the crime rate such as installing a landscaping with lighting and security lighting. You can also assist your neighbors by reporting crimes when they occur so that appropriate action can be taken to stop it. Many buyers are concerned about the closing costs that will be incurred after they close their current home purchase. Get more info on how to sell my house fast. Unfortunately, the truth is that these closing costs are usually unnecessary because most lenders will provide a deed in lieu of foreclosure option to homeowners who qualify. If you are able to obtain a deed in lieu of foreclosure, the amount of money that is due to the lender is typically less than what is required to complete the closing process. Because real estate is a sensitive investment, you should be sure to ask questions regarding the cost of the real estate transaction and you should be prepared to negotiate for a lower closing costs. The final concern that many home buyers have is the average cost of the home features they plan on purchasing. Although interest rates and down payments make up the largest portion of the total costs incurred, there are several other factors that will impact the final price. For example, the size of the property, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the estimated value will impact the final mortgage amount. If you are a cash buyer, you can expect to pay between five percent and ten percent of the total mortgage amount - depending on the circumstances - for your home features. Learn more from